taila (täˑ·ē·l),

n in Ayurveda, medicated oils that are derived from plants and minerals.
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A woman who identifies herself as being from eastern Nagaland said "Nei Niephiu (Rio) phal ase taila time tedo pachokhanbi scholarshipla problem nathakhedo" (Indeed, Neiphiu is better, since children don't suffer for their scholarships).
Tenders are invited for Empanelment Of Analytical Testing Laboratories For The Test And Analysis Of Ayurvedic And Unani Medicines Sarasvatharishta, Maha Yograj Guggulu, Yogaraja Guggulu, Sootshekar Ras, Anu Taila, Navayas Loh For The Year 2017-19
In Qiraat competition male category, Hafiz Mohammad Zaid (DVM) got first position, Hafiz Abdullah (IPS) secured second position and Hafiz Mohammad Rauf (IBBT) got third position while in female category Hafiza Ayesha (IPS) got first position, Bisma Idrees (Microbiology) got second position and Taila Arif (DND) stood third.
The product line includes a wide range of bath and shower gels, contemporary Ayurveda, fresh cosmetics, natural cosmetics, spa products that include a range of massage oils, body packs, body mists, body polishes and face masks, traditional products include body care, skin care and hair care products with various oils and Taila whose formulation is over 5000 years old and is prepared exactly as described in the ancient Ayurveda textbooks.
Also, During a study on effectiveness of listening to music on reduction of depression, Fai chan, Yung Vang and Taila [11] indicated that listening to music during a period of time will remove signs of depression in adult society.
Saluja, "A selective high performance liquid chromatographic method for estimation of catechin in ayurvedic taila preparations," Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry, vol.
Taila Simons, from Liverpool, said she was also keen to see Jason Derulo.
All our love Maria, Clare, Paul, Taila, Paige, Bradley, Dylan, Elizabeth and John xxxx JEPHCOTT Nicola An Angel in the book of life, wrote down our daughter's birth, she whispered as she closed the book too beautiful for us We miss you so so much.
Taila can also refer to aromatic resins but I believe a clearer word would have been used in this context.
Algo aun mas escandaloso sucede con la historiografia de aquel siglo, pues, a pesar de los eruditos de taila que florecieron en Vaiencia y en Cataiuna --los Maians, Marti, Finestres, etc.
McClure - Lorelei Taila and Ian McClure, of Eugene, a daughter.
The anti-rheumatic Ayurvedic preparation Vishagarbha Taila is prepared from the leaves and roots of the Vitex negundo (Chatterjee 1995).