tail of epididymis

tail of ep·i·did·y·mis

the inferior part of the epididymis that leads into the ductus deferens; part of the reservoir of spermatozoa.
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The testes were pushed into the body cavity and removed by pulling the tail of epididymis.
2); and (3) it was impossible to identify the body and the tail of epididymis. We decided to perform an abdominal ultrasound, which revealed an agenesis of the right kidney, and a 4.5-cm diameter intra-prostatic cyst (Fig.
(1992) in Angora goat .In Red sokoto goat, the weight of the left tail of epididymis was 3.06g and that of right was 2.96g whereas in Angora goat the combined weight of both left and right tail of the epididymis was 11.73+0.25 g.
The length and width of the tail of epididymis were measured with caliper.
Clinical changes in the tail of epididymis that was inoculated were observed at 7 dpi in both groups.
Most commonly tail of epididymis is involved, as in our case flowed by head and body regions.
Parts of head, body and tail of epididymis are distinguished on the testis.