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We know that two of the fish we tagged in 2017 swam to the Bay of Biscay.
Each individual oyster was tagged with both a glue-on laminated label and a t-bar anchor tag.
About 40% of web pages tagged were newly added in
Organizations maintaining separate inventories of tagged and untagged products have the lowest total cost associated with operating warehousing (at the median, $2.67 per $1,000 in revenue).
If vehicles and the assets within the vehicles are tagged, then issue, return and inventory times could be reduced by using a handheld device to gather required information and performing these actions.
Last year, Craig Nimmo, 16, was bailed and tagged despite his victim Bryan Drummond, 51, being punched, kicked and stamped to death.
Tester stands (receptacles for holding the tester containers) for makeup products (lipsticks, mascaras, etc.) will be embedded with RFID tag readers, so that the number of times that customers sample each tagged makeup tester (49 items) can be counted.
When tagged, players link arms and sing along as they chase other players.
Sea cucumbers have been tagged in situ with limited success (Shelley, 1981; Conand (2)) by using a small T-bar tag that is inserted through the body wall with a tagging gun (Harriott, 1980).
At this "social bookmarking" site, they will see links he has grouped or "tagged" by keywords, including RSS, podcasts, weblogs and Wikipedia.
Its primary purpose, the SEC said then, is to "assess XBRL technology, including both the ability of registrants to tag their financial information using XBRL and the benefits for using tagged data for analysis."