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MP Peter Mandelson at the TAD Centre, presenting 11-year-old Sarah Paterson and others with grant awards |in 2000, above, and Mike Thompson deputy chief officer and Paul Joyce senior divisional officer both with Cleveland Fire Brigade at the Tad Centre of the COMAH conference in February 1999, left
Of the subjects who described experiencing symptoms of TAD, 48% stated that both ears were always affected at the same time, 30% claimed that the symptoms occurred consistently on only one side and, for the remaining 22%, the laterality of each episode was variable and symptoms could be unilateral or bilateral.
Yr achos yn Stiniog, Eglwys yr Holl Seintiau, yw un o ychydig rai'r Eglwys Uniongred yng Nghymru ac mae'r Tad Deiniol yn ymwybodol o bwysigrwydd cadw mewn cysylltiad gyda'r Eglwys ledled y byd.
Fel cymuned roed den ni'n teimlo ei bod hi'n bwysig i gael adeilad oedd yn amlwg yn eglwys, fel bod pobl yn gwybod fod yna groeso iddyn nhw, '' eglura'r Tad Deiniol.
The ending is very sugary and hopelessly contrived, but if you've followed Rosalee, Tad and Pete that far, you'll already have an extremely sweet tooth.
Tad and Pete are well matched as love rivals and Duhamel and Grace invest their characters with dry humour and charm.
The TAD Sailors work with real equipment in real sea conditions.
Using the prior example, Tad does not take a new job, but sells his MarketCorp stock before the minimum holding period expires.
There are unique qualities regarding the TAD program that make it attractive to business-to-business customers across the spectrum, regardless of size or industry.
WACKY Sadly this sequel is a tad annoying and gets a thumbs down This is an unnecessary sequel to a best forgotten Spanish animated adventure starring Tad, a gormless archeology student, part-time construction worker and Indiana Jones wannabe.