tactile stimulation

tac·tile stim·u·la·tion

(tak'til stim'yū-lā'shŭn)
In the treatment of swallowing disorders, facilitation of reflexive and voluntary components of the swallow by stroking areas of the throat and tongue with a blunt probe.
See also: caloric stimulation
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The oxistimulator, developed by clinical practitioners at the Department of Anesthesiology at Mayo Clinic, is a new, non-invasive technology that aims to prevent post-operative desaturations complications by providing timely, peripheral tactile stimulation whenever clinically defined desaturations are detected.
They're perfect for sensory and tactile stimulation, as a tactile roll or a
Research conducted by Professor Adriana Tapus from ENSTA ParisTech, Universite Paris-Saclay, aims to develop a humanoid robot sensitive to tactile stimulation.
Synchronicity of visual and tactile stimulation below 300ms induces stronger feelings of ownership of the rubber hand, whereas a temporal discrepancy beyond 300ms induces progressively weaker ownership towards the rubber hand.
Now here's an important tactile stimulation that people overlook: sunlight.
Mislocalization of tactile stimulation in patients with complex regional pain syndrome.
Longer and stronger foreplay, more tactile stimulation including caressing, rubbing and cuddling, and different sexual positions, help most woman enjoy having sex.
The proposed project will elucidate how natural tactile patterns are encoded in SI through a comprehensive approach including electrophysiology, sophisticated tactile stimulation and dynamical modeling.
Cold and vibration together have been recommended to decrease vaccination pain in the 2015 Clinical Practice guideline, while tactile stimulation alone was removed (Taddio et al.
Training included reviewing the functions and controls of the device and learning how to interpret the tactile stimulation.
The first visual-tactile substitution system known in the scientific literature was developed by Bach-y-Rita and included a video camera for capturing images and a vibrational tactile stimulation system (the image was converted into tactile vibrations) located on the back of the user.
Tactile stimulation may also be effective in pain management.