tactile stimulation

tac·tile stim·u·la·tion

(tak'til stim'yū-lā'shŭn)
In the treatment of swallowing disorders, facilitation of reflexive and voluntary components of the swallow by stroking areas of the throat and tongue with a blunt probe.
See also: caloric stimulation
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Tactile stimulation may also be effective in pain management.
This technology brings tactile stimulation to a new level, stimulating the brain without using electrodes.
Upon completion of the trial (pre-tests, tactile stimulation and post-test), the attending therapists continued with their usual therapy treatments based on their current plan of care.
Also, as the reflex continues to activate when there is sensory input such as touch and tactile stimulation when we massage the pelvic area (where the iliopsoas resides), the underlying reaction of instability and danger ignites the FPR.
Auditory or tactile stimulation, SSDs scan images and transform the information into audio or touch signals that users are trained to understand, enabling them to recognize the image without seeing it.
Premature infants lack the tactile stimulation they would have otherwise experienced in the womb.
After testing the Z-10 in the gym, Nassar recommended the Elite SportZ Band Z-10 for “its warmth and tactile stimulation of the core muscles.
Immediately upon return to the holding cage, and every 3 minutes thereafter, for a total of 4 observations, the respiratory rate; the behavior scores for head and eye position; body posture; and response to visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation were recorded (Table 1).
Muscle tone was permanently increased, as indicated by tetanus-like erection of the ears and by a violent but brief startle response to the slightest acoustic or tactile stimulation (Figure).
Longer and stronger foreplay, more tactile stimulation, including caressing, rubbing and cuddling, and different sexual positions, help every woman enjoy sex.
MacLean said, "A game is a fun social activity which offers auditory, visual, and tactile stimulation.
Therapy included thermal tactile stimulation, which increases sensory awareness in the oral cavity and decreases the delay between oral stage of the swallow and the onset of the trigger of the pharyngeal swallow.