tactile sensation

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tactile sensation

Etymology: L, tactus + sentire, to feel
the sensation of touch.

tactile sensation

A sensation produced through the sense of touch.
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Patient discussion about tactile sensation

Q. What could make the top of your head hurt to the touch. I don't have a headache. It just hurts when I touch It only hurts on the left side.

A. if it's a deep pain- it might be caused by a trauma to the bode. have you been hurt by something..? if you don't remember - it might be a memory loss from the hit to the head :)
if it's a sort of superficial pain- it might be caused of a wound there. ask someone to have a look and see if there's anything over there. it could even be a tic sitting there...

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In the present study, normal tactile sensation in the skin lesions (defined by the perception of a 0.
However, at the 1-year follow-up, tactile sensation had returned to 8 of the group B patients (53.
They alter the individual's physical perceptions and emotional responses, causing outbreaks of temper, alterations in sight and tactile sensation, nostalgia, despair, even ecstasy.
Both emphasized the importance of experiential education and tactile sensation for children, as well as a thorough grounding in religion and charity.
We simulate the feel of the cutting interface, the tactile sensation of a real tool against the springiness of tissue.
That product has an innovative shape designed to enhance the tactile sensation of condom use.
One, BSG Laboratories, plans to introduce sometime this summer the Intensor, a chair with a built-in sound system that turns sound into a tactile sensation.
Some patients may have symptoms of unsteadiness in walking and severe loss of tactile sensation.
Whether you prefer the tactile sensation of typing on keys, or swiping, pinching and tapping a touchscreen, you expect accuracy, durability and reliability from the device," said Ivan Mini, rubber global market manager for the XIAMETER brand.
Objective: Why cant you tickle yourself Previous behavioural and neuroimaging evidence suggests that when we move one hand to touch the other, the resulting tactile sensation is perceived as less intense compared to identical touches of external origin.
In receiving the two awards, the Raku-Raku Smartphone was praised for its unique features, including the Raku-Raku Touchscreen, which helps users perform their desired operations by offering the tactile sensation of pressing physical buttons; its distinctive menus that have been designed for greater ease of use; and its screen layouts and graphic user interface, which can be intuitively navigated to enable access to desired features at a single glance.