tactile sensation

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tactile sensation

A sensation produced through the sense of touch.
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Patient discussion about tactile sensation

Q. What could make the top of your head hurt to the touch. I don't have a headache. It just hurts when I touch It only hurts on the left side.

A. if it's a deep pain- it might be caused by a trauma to the bode. have you been hurt by something..? if you don't remember - it might be a memory loss from the hit to the head :)
if it's a sort of superficial pain- it might be caused of a wound there. ask someone to have a look and see if there's anything over there. it could even be a tic sitting there...

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Botvinick and Cohen (1998) carried out an experiment called the Rubber Hand Illusion (RHI) to evaluate intermodal proprioceptive integration by producing tactile sensations and synchronous visualization of touch in the limbs (figure 1).
"Research tells us that consumers continually seek out fresh new applicator experiences, such as new shapes that surprise and delight and new textures that bring tactile sensations," said Carole Grassi, category manager, cosmetics, Rexam Personal Care division.
Rather than a simple brush, or flocked tip, each Glossy Days applicator's geometry and material--soft, transparent and flexible--is designed for "clean, comfortable, elegant and fun usage that enhances the consumer experience with a unique tactile sensation and provides perfect makeup results".
(Note: Double-gloving does not decrease tactile sensation or increase the risk of mishap.
The tactile sensation of the apical constriction may be improved in cases where early preflaring has been performed.
As I said, on program material with true deep bass (only movie sound tracks, nature recordings such as thunderstorms, niche stuff such as locomotives and subways, bass-head CDs and organ recordings have it) the ATH-A700s give you the fundamental tones but they cannot give you the tactile sensation that comes with the material played on speakers.
Each play ponders the meaning of great kisses, first kisses, bad kisses, fantasised kisses and the sheer, tactile sensation of kissing.
Sensation in leprosy (skin lesions and areas supplied by major nerve trunks) lesions can be measured using SWM to measure touch-pressure thresholds, as well as standard clinical sensory tests employing cotton wool to evaluate tactile sensation (large myelinated A-beta fibres), pins to evaluate pain sensitivity (small myelinated A-delta and unmyelinated C fibres), and tubes containing hot (45[degrees]C) and cold (4[degrees]C) water to evaluate thermal sensation (small myelinated A-delta and unmyelinated C fibres).