tactile fremitus

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a vibration perceptible on palpation or auscultation; see also thrill.
tactile fremitus a type of vocal fremitus found over an area of secretions.
tussive fremitus one felt on the chest while the patient coughs.
vocal fremitus (VF) transmission of the spoken voice to the chest wall, detectable by auscultation or palpation; it is increased with lung consolidation and decreased with pleural effusion, pneumothorax, and airway obstruction.
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tac·tile frem·i·tus

vibration palpated with the hand on the chest during vocal fremitus.
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tac·tile frem·i·tus

(tak'til frem'i-tŭs)
Vibration palpated with the hand on the chest during vocal fremitus.
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Tactile fremitus was absent on the right side with ipsilateral diminution of breath sounds and dullness to percussion.
Shifting dullness and tactile fremitus, which were two of my signature performances, seem to have hardly any sensitivity at all and add little value.
The lungs were clear to auscultation and tympanic to percussion with symmetric tactile fremitus and without wheezes, rhonchi nor crackles.