tactile evaluation

tac·tile e·val·u·a·tion

(taktil ĕ-valyū-āshŭn)
Method of assessing cutting edge sharpness by testing it against a plastic or acrylic rod called a sharpening test stick. A dull cutting edge will slide over the surface of the stick. A sharp cutting edge will scratch the surface of the test stick.
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(1) In this study, tactile evaluation occurred before and after scaling and root planing in vivo, and at 2 re-evaluation appointments scheduled 1 week apart using a periodontal probe as well as an explorer.
The Perioscope[TM] improved calculus detection over the explorer at each subject visit, indicating that a visual component is a positive adjunct to tactile evaluation of subgingival calculus.
Subjective (qualitative) TOF monitoring using tactile evaluation is not accurate, as most anaesthetists can only detect fade at TOF ratios of less than 0.43.
Subjective (qualitative) neuromuscular transmission monitoring using tactile evaluation of the TOF ratio and double burst stimulation fade does not exclude RNMB (4).
The present study was prompted by the fact that a significant proportion of mothers in our society relies on tactile evaluations of fever and do not employ objective temperature measurements.