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A tachometer designed to provide a continuous record of speed or rate.
[G. tachos, speed, + graphō, to write]
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To its Logifit series of solutions for logistics and warehousing management, Fujitsu has now added Logifit TM-NexTR, a transportation and delivery management solution that allows for the mixed use of digital tachographs and smart devices, enhancing customers' overall management of their logistics operations.
A spokesperson for North Tyneside Council has now said: "As soon as we heard about the recent convictions of company employees, in relation to tachograph offences committed on longer journeys, we carried out an immediate risk assessment to make sure none of our children and young people had been put at risk.
Under the partnership, the two companies will collaborate on integrating fleet management and tachograph services and continue to individually develop and launch their own products.
To make sure they stick to the rules, the movement of their vehicle is measured by the tachograph monitors.
It emerged the driver's tachograph records for the previous 28 days were incomplete.
This massive distortion is down to the inept introduction of the digital tachograph law," said SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan.
Over the course of this year, digital tachographs will be replacing analogue units in every country of the European Union.
TachoControl is a member of both the standardization committee for digital tachographs in Brussels and the German Transport Ministry's working party on implementing EU directive 1360/2002 Annex 1 B in the German Highway Code STVZO, Paragraph 57 b, and also participates in the ISO standardization committee.
Tachographs and other products are built and tested by hand.
These are supposed to prevent unscrupulous transport bosses altering the tachographs, which measure how long and fast lorry and coach drivers travel.
Before the test, horsebox owners will need to have the tachograph checked to ensure it was initially calibrated and tested when the horsebox was new.
Unfortunately, my husband's firm is not legally bound to install tachographs (as long-distance haulage companies are), and therefore gets away with the appalling treatment of its employees.