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A tachometer designed to provide a continuous record of speed or rate.
[G. tachos, speed, + graphō, to write]
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The decision comes after 10 of the firm's drivers admitted creating false tachograph records and a company boss admitted perverting the course of justice.
Such a period of coexistence is not exceptional, since today trucks are fitted with either a digital tachograph - mandatory for vehicles registered after 1 May 2006 - or an analogue tachograph (paper disc) for the oldest ones.
In another recent case a trucker was jailed for using three different digital tachograph cards in a non-stop trip from Italy to Ireland.
"This massive distortion is down to the inept introduction of the digital tachograph law," said SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan.
"You're starting to see enforcement authorities looking at tachograph charts," says Semple.
Tachographs and other products are built and tested by hand.
CROOKED bus and truck bosses are buying tiny pieces of plastic smaller than a 5p piece so they can tamper with tachographs.
THE British Horse Society is reminding horsebox owners that tachographs, where fitted, will now be checked during the annual MOT test.
The new arrangements will include bringing thousands of previously exempted vehicles into scope, increased use of tachographs, compulsory increases in drivers' daily rest periods, changes in break arrangements, and the tightening up of off-road driving rules.
Tachographs have a variety of functions including monitoring the number of hours driven and the number of obligatory rest breaks taken.
Tachographs, which look similar to speedometers, are required by law in every commercial heavy-goods vehicle on the road.