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A tachometer designed to provide a continuous record of speed or rate.
[G. tachos, speed, + graphō, to write]
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Snaith, 59, of the Coach House in Otterburn, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice after, in 2013, producing false tachographs relating to around the time of most of the offences in 2010.
To facilitate checks, the smart tachographs will allow remote communication with monitoring authorities, who will have to be properly equipped (although a physical check will be required to establish an infringement).
"There has been a long-standing dereliction of the arrangements for ensuring the rules on drivers' hours and tachographs would be observed," said Mr Maddrell.
The law states that a tow vehicle can have a gross vehicle weight up to 3500kgs without a tachograph being required.
It is now illegal to register new trucks, coaches and some business unless they are equipped with new digital tachographs.
In an unusual twist, UK authorities are now using tachograph data to hold employers accountable for the actions of their driver employees.
While Abbott Enterprises found its unanticipated niche, the tachograph business still isn't an easy one.
The lives of passengers and drivers are being put in danger by the black market racket in the red tachograph seals.
Father and son William and David Allan allegedly put their own names on tachograph records to hide their drivers' insufficient breaks.
Before the test, horsebox owners will need to have the tachograph checked to ensure it was initially calibrated and tested when the horsebox was new.
Drivers must place a paper chart inside the tachograph on each journey.