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A tachometer designed to provide a continuous record of speed or rate.
[G. tachos, speed, + graphō, to write]
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In total 18 people - including company director Alison Snaith, bus drivers and administration staff - were prosecuted for offences relating to the records kept by vehicle tachographs between June 2010 and May 2013.
TomTom Business Solutions, a provider of fleet management solutions, announced today the entering of a strategic partnership with DAKO, a European provider of solutions for regulatory worktime and driving time compliance based on the use of tachographs.
It emerged the driver's tachograph records for the previous 28 days were incomplete.
The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency has introduced a pounds 200 fixed penalty fine for the use of low-loader trailers behind tow vehicles without a tachograph.
I think that if you can show that the tachograph in question was working properly and that it was fitted to the same vehicle that has been flashed on the relevant date and at the relevant time, then you should be able to create at the very least "a reasonable doubt" in the court's mind.
Department of Transport spokesperson said that G&D were chosen to provide one of the first smart card programmes within the Irish government because of their proven track record in both smart card and digital tachograph technologies.
While Abbott Enterprises found its unanticipated niche, the tachograph business still isn't an easy one.
The lives of passengers and drivers are being put in danger by the black market racket in the red tachograph seals.
Drivers must place a paper chart inside the tachograph on each journey.
A man disguised as a policeman told him to bring the tachograph details to the car.
The device, known as a tachograph, records speed and other information.
New tachograph Data Collection and Fleet Management Solution from MiX Telematics Features Remote Reading and Upgrade Enabled by Wavecom's Wireless Microprocessor([R])