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The busy Direct Table Foods plant, which manufactures quality bacon products for the UK retail, food-service and manufacturing markets, typically left its lighting switched on for 24 hours a day.
Direct Table Foods brought in Light By Design--a Suffolk-based distributor of LED products--to find a solution.
Specialty formulas for supplemental feedings (feedings in addition to typical table foods and beverages) and enteral feedings (feedings directly into the digestive system, by such methods as gastrostomy, jejunostomy or nasogastric tubes) are relatively expensive when compared to other types of foods.
Contact Direct Table Foods on 0800 169 5151 or visit www.
Managing director at Direct Table Foods, Tony Stanton, said: "We've been able to start with a blank sheet of paper and develop the design to meet the business' exact needs.
It can be prepared as a drink or added to table foods.
Tradition and heritage, combined with up-to-date technology; this is the powerful combination that Direct Table Foods is using to benefit its customers and deliver delicious bacon to consumers.
Its processing operations Lark Valley and Direct Table have also been renamed Direct Table Foods as the company consolidates and builds on its position in the UK.