table clinic

ta·ble clin·ic

(tābĕl klinik)
Educational display or demonstration on topic presented to small number of observers at one time.
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Or, imagine the potential if all dental hygiene programs required the completion of a table clinic from their students.
After the examination, you will present your cases to the study club, either on that day or at a subsequent meeting or as a table clinic at the annual meeting.
2016 student table clinic presentation first-place winners are Joy Ence (left), Lindsey Clark (second from left) and Natalie Wright (right) of Weber State University for "Harmful Effects of Segregating Oral and Medical Care." 2015-16 ADHA President Jill Rethman, RDH, BA is second from right.
In celebration of the week, students of the dental assistant programme at CNA-Q will organise a table clinic next Tuesday featuring a variety of topics related to dental health.
The workshops, scientific papers, posters and table clinic competitions for students are part of the symposium, they added.
He had a great table clinic going for the last several years where he recalled a bunch of patients he had treated orthodontically over 20 years ago and he had casts of pre-treatment, post-treatment and 20 year follow-up.
The remainder of the text provides appendices that highlight organizations that are involved with dental public health, resources for dental samples and pamphlets, government departments serving dental needs, state public health agencies, table clinic presentations, poster session preparation, international dental care opportunities, dental terms and phrases translated to Spanish and Vietnamese, standards for dental hygienists in dental public health education, guide to scientific writing, and a glossary of terms.
Outcome: In the planning phase for the ANNUAL Student Table Clinic Competition to be held on June 23rd.
2015 student table clinic presentation first-place winners are Sydney Dawson and Rebecca Torres of the University of Southern California for "Smiles for All." 2014-15 ADHA President Kelli Swanson Jaecks, MA, RDH is in the center.
Rodriguez is the recipient of numerous honors and awards for community service, mission trips, leadership, recruitment and research projects including national recognition from Dentsly/SCADA for his Dental Student Table Clinic in 2003.
Other features included in the text are table clinic presentation information, the standards for dental hygienists in public health education, and a guide for scientific writing.
I completed a table clinic in dental hygiene school at Harrisburg Area Community College, and this article echoed much of my research, as well as increased my knowledge in a number of key areas.