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, pl.


(tă-bel'lă, -lē),
A medicated tablet or lozenge.
[L. dim. of tabula, tablet]
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An obsolete term for a medicated tablet.
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(ta-bel'a) plural.tabellae [L., tablet]
A medicated mass of material formed into a small disk.
See: lozenge; tablet; troche
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Each of the aforementioned tools were typical of the equipment of goetic practitioners, as it possible to deduce from legislation issued to interdict goetic magic and from sources written by the goetic practitioners themselves, namely the magical papyri from Roman Egypt and the curse-tablets which are collected in the modern corpora of the PGM and the Defixionum Tabellae, respectively.
The preferred tools for such exercises included, amongst others, tabellae ceratae.
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