systolic click

sys·tol·ic click

a sharp, clicking sound heard during cardiac systole; when heard in early systole it is usually an ejection sound; in late systole the click usually signifies mitral insufficiency, as in the dysfunction of the mitral valvular apparatus when it prolapses into the left atrium during systole (see Barlow syndrome); rarely may also be due to pleuropericardial adhesions or other extracardiac mechanisms.
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SUMMARY: It is found that disease is more common in girls .Common symptom is chest discomfort, sign is non-ejection systolic click. Most involved prolapse is in the posterior leaflet of mitral valve.
On auscultation of precordium, first and second heart sounds were normal, with ejection systolic click followed by grade 4 early systolic murmur radiating to both carotids which increased in intensity on expiration.
She had multiple systolic clicks at the apex and a blowing systolic murmur at the apex when standing.
From these findings, they proposed that Hamman's crunch is caused by the "cardiac filling-emptying, cyclic anterior-posterior cardiac motion or a combination of both channel[ing] pleural air into the lung fissure and then force[ing] it out creating the noise." They cited the work of Scadding and Wood,[6] who described a similar mechanism between the visceral and parietal pleura as the source of systolic clicks in a left pneumothorax.

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