systemic regulation

systemic regulation,

n the entire network of pathways by which the various systems of the body interact in order to allow an organism to live, move, and remain healthy.
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A better understanding of the systemic regulation of those processes is likely to contribute in the long run to the development of better strategies to fight cellular pathologies associated with many diseases, such as cancer.
6) As Markus Brunnermeier and his colleagues write in the eleventh Geneva Report, "The current approach to systemic regulation implicitly assumes that we can make the system as a whole safe by simply trying to make sure that individual banks are safe.
public interest in the area of broader systemic regulation.
Treasury Secretary is charged with the responsibility of systemic regulation in the United States, and an independent consumer bureau was established within the Federal Reserve.
The Company's strategy is to focus on mining the complex biological interactions within the neuroendocrine gastrointestinal environment to elucidate the roles of previously unidentified or unexplored hormones, receptors and other metabolic factors that are involved in the systemic regulation of glucose homeostasis and that play causative roles in diseases.
Apart from systemic regulation of mega-insurance firms in the event of a crisis that could tank the entire financial system, insurance regulation would be left to the states.
Do you have a dog in the fight over where the systemic regulation should originate?
Push Congress to consolidate systemic regulation quickly, perhaps in the Federal Reserve, but in any event impose stricter oversight of the supervisors and allow less room for discretion.
NGM's strategy is to elucidate the roles of these previously unidentified or unexplored hormones, receptors and factors in the systemic regulation of metabolism.