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Relating to a system in any sense; arranged according to a system.
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(sĭs′tə-măt′ĭk) also


Characterized by, based on, or constituting a system: systematic thought.

sys′tem·at′i·cal·ly adv.
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Of each body system considered separately.
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As one systematist puts it, distinguishing one species from a close relative is like trying to fix the boundary between childhood and adulthood.
In the first argument, they appeal to the practice of systematists. Most systematic biologists refuse to divide non-human species into subspecies on the grounds that the subspecies concept is theoretically meaningless.
Similarly, where historical entities and path dependence are the topic of interest as they are to historical sociologists, the methods developed by biological systematists for inferring what entities are uniquely related, having come via the same paths, and of perhaps reconstructing what those paths were like, should be of more than passing interest.
On a broader organizational fisheries level, Collette end Vecchione (1995), while emphasizing the need for practical identification manuals for use by fishery scientists in the field, underscored the importance of increased interaction between systematists and fishery scientists.
It may be helpful to know that most contemporary systematists limit membership in the kingdom of animals to organisms that are multicellular.
For three days in May 1994, marine ecologists, molecular biologists, systematists, oceanographers, population biologists, and microbiologists - a disciplinary variety that more than reflected the breadth of views that were to be voiced - joined the NRC Committee on Biological Diversity in Marine Systems and federal agency representatives at the National Academy of Sciences meeting center in Irvine, CA.
The book is for beetle fans, including entomologists, systematists, limnologists, and ecologists.
This lack of connectivity between the systematic work done by "neobotanists" and paleobotanists has hampered the work in both fields: phylogenetic systematists have difficulty accessing paleobotanical literature for applications including (but not restricted to) fossil calibrations; many systematists do not integrate fossil species and names into considerations of nomenclature and character evolution (e.g., many fossil names are not in the IPNI database despite being treated under the same code as non-fossil species); and paleobotanists often do not use the latest modern classifications of extant diversity (e.g., use of Scirpus L.
This checklist is intended to provide basic information on the regional grasshopper fauna, expand the current knowledge of species occurrences, and serve as a basis for systematists interested in revisionary and biogeographic.
Incensed with a misguided perception of scientists (especially, but not only, foreign nationals) as potential biopirates bent on exploiting this "national genetic patrimony", IBAMA officers have often threatened systematists and ecologists with heavy fines and even imprisonment for having collected one more specimen of a frog or an insect without due license, for having provisionally examined collected material in an institution other than the one for which it was earmarked for permanent holding, or for not reporting beforehand the collection of a new species that was just being described.
Another specialist in nitrogen-fixing nodules, Janet Sprent of the University of Dundee in Scotland, remembers simpler times for systematists. "From the orderly situation of a century ago," she says, "we now have something approaching chaos."
To do it right, and as swiftly as possible, ARS systematists tackle their mystery subjects armed with microscopes, identification guides and booklets, and a collection of thousands of seed and fruit samples for reference.