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Relating to a system in any sense; arranged according to a system.
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(sĭs′tə-măt′ĭk) also


Characterized by, based on, or constituting a system: systematic thought.

sys′tem·at′i·cal·ly adv.
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Of each body system considered separately.
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Currently Bank of China Limited (BOC) (601398.SS) (HKG: 3988) (OTC: BACHF.PK) is the only Chinese financial institution named as 'a globally systematically important financial institution' by global regulators.
This outrageous equation might not be surprising in media outlets like England's BBC and The Guardian, which systematically delegitimate Israel and blacken its name.
In each case, the program faculty had systematically identified appropriate learning goals and had collected information about whether those learning goals were being achieved.
It is only in recent years that the relevance of human rights for social welfare has been systematically examined in the fields of social policy and social work.
In October 2005 the spiritual leader of Iraq's Shia Muslim majority, the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, issued a fatwa prescribing that "people involved" in homosexuality "should be killed in the worst, most severe way of killing," As a result, death squads began systematically murdering Iraqi gays.
Alter studying ground-motion patterns of 71 quakes recorded by nearby seismometers, Alien and his colleagues noticed that the relative amounts of energy going into the two vibration categories varied systematically with the size of the quake.
This link covers the functional description, exterior, interior, DSESTS cable connections and test program set that the DSESTS test systematically runs for each LRU.
McGinness's painting is more systematically harmonious, suggesting a reduction in subjective engagement with the paint, but he is no mechanical copyist; he has his own recognizably flamboyant touch, however much of an impersonal designer he would like to appear.
This book sets out clearly and systematically to fill the gap.
The housing stock is being systematically evaluated for structural integrity and viability, and a significant number will not be viable.
The organization first filed a class-action lawsuit against the Denver Police Department in 2002 for "systematically monitoring and keeping files on protesters," according to Mark Silverstein, legal director at the ACLU of Colorado.
Systematically organized by type of records held, dates of coverage, locations of original and microfilm records in their holdings, these repositories can be methodically accessed by even the most novice of genealogists.

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