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Relating to a system in any sense; arranged according to a system.
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(sĭs′tə-măt′ĭk) also


Characterized by, based on, or constituting a system: systematic thought.

sys′tem·at′i·cal·ly adv.
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Of each body system considered separately.
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The volume gives an overview of the significance of technology pools in economy and antitrust law, discusses the content of the European Community Technology Transfer Guidelines with regard to technology pools, analyzes US Licensing Guidelines on technology pools, and then compares the two guidelines as to their systematical coherence, effectiveness, and efficiency.
Concomitantly, this unique flora has attracted many researchers on the systematical basis (Aslan, 2000; Aslan et al., 2002a, b).
We studied systematical uncertainties in the chosen "flow-through" method as well as the feasibility to improve further the accuracy in this experiment.
(6) Canonical analysis results showed that "systematical presentation of instructional materials" was positively related to "teaching and evaluation" and "student achievements", and "teaching self-efficacy" was positively related to "student achievements" and "teachers' job satisfaction".
Risk analysis is a systematical science which is composed of three main subjects: risk identification and measure, risk assessment and decision-making, and risk management and control.
To date, there have been no systematical studies on the BRCA1 mutations and fallopian tube carcinomas.
In this volume the authors have actually done something positive about Hindu Tantric Sanskrit: "In our opinion, the constitution of a critical text which does not comply with the grammatical standards of classical Sanskrit should be accounted for by the systematical collection and discussion of the 'incorrect' linguistic features of the text" (p.
[sup][1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6] As a result, in 2013 European Society of Cardiology Guidelines on the Management of SCAD (2013G), [sup][7] importance was given to systematical testing with the consideration of pretest probability and the updated Diamond-Forrester model (UDFM) [sup][8] was recommended as the clinical algorithm.
We therefore carried out a systematical investigation on pistil receptivity, seed set, and compatible index of 24 chrysanthemum cultivars with high ornamental values in this study.
Although from above we have known that SPS could regulate carbohydrate allocation between sucrose and starch, there was no systematical theory of physiological regulatory mechanisms to put forward for expounding the detailed process of the regulatory function.
Therefore, further detailed and systematical investigation should be conducted when spinning other polymeric fiber membranes.

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