systematic review

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systematic review

A review of a clearly formulated question which uses systematic and explicit methods to identify, select and critically appraise relevant research, and collect and analyse data from the studies that are included in the review. Statistical methods (e.g., meta-analysis), may or may not be used to analyse and summarise the results of the included studies.
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sys·te·mat·ic re·view

(sis'tĕ-mat'ik rē-vyū')
Program that integrates the results of primary research studies to identify the best available evidence on a treatment, quantitative systematic reviews use metaanalysis to combine the results of individual studies.
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An analyst could turn to a recent systematic review and meta-analysis (Free et al.
Nevertheless, expert consensus statements can be developed by incorporating findings from rigorous systematic reviews of available evidence using the same transparent and explicit methods as those for clinical practice guidelines.
In the case of precarious employment, a new, high-quality systematic review would be helpful to overcome the limitations of the three low-quality systematic reviews already conducted (7, 17, 23).
In 2017, Mazidi, et al, published a systematic review and meta-analysis of 20 randomized controlled trials which indicated a that there was a significant reduction in serum CRP following probiotic administration.
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