systematic care

systematic care,

n health care guided by a model that allows practitioners to address the cause of the complaint, devise a plan for therapy if necessary, and continued counsel aimed at empowering the patient to become and remain well.
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In the absence of systematic care for all, diseases are often allowed to develop, which makes it much more expensive to treat them, often involving inpatient treatment such as surgery.
Maintenance includes systematic care for the roads and streets in order to prevent them from damage and ensure their normal operation throughout the year.
The proprietary Systematic Care Management procedures he designed have assisted more than 10,000 cases for more than 100 insurers, third-party administrators and employers.
National Trust President Richard Moe commended the Department for its strong stewardship and professional excellence in establishing a framework for the systematic care of the 20 properties on the Register.
With each successive CCHRI report card, we see gradual improvement in health plan performance - and with that sustained improvement, Californians are experiencing very tangible, positive, long-term impacts from our focus on prevention and systematic care management.
Preliminary results on the systematic care program indicate that it appeared to reduce depressive symptoms as well, but longer follow-up will be needed to answer the question definitively, said Dr.
Systematic care to amount, kind of green and time of feeding will make it safe and with a little foresight and planning will provide the very best with little cost.
In the literature use of traditional birth attendants who may be untrained, illiterate, or out of any systematic care, continuously eme rges in relation to maternal mortality.
Designing Systems for Palliative & End of Life Care As our population ages and as the ACO concept brings many more seniors into systematic care, the need to offer enlightened and ethical end of life choices will become increasingly important.
QO's cancer division employs oncology nurses and oncologists to assist patients and providers in a systematic care coordination process through a complex and generally unconnected series of contacts with physicians and hospitals for cancer treatment.
This program recognizes physicians, chiropractors and those working with them who provide their patients with careful and systematic care for back pain that combines following solid medical evidence with active patient engagement.
Komen Foundation to forge new links between laboratory and clinic and promote more advanced, systematic care.
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