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A person or entity managing executive duties.
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Informatics A user registered to a server who has one or more class privileges.
Managed care A white-collar worker, usually a nonphysician, who directs and/or manages the operational aspects of an enterprise—e.g., a medical center or bureaucracy.
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Bureaucracy A white-collar worker, usually a nonphysician, who directs and/or manages operational aspects of a business or bureaucracy. See Scientific review administrator, State fluoridation administrator, Third-party administrator.
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A person or entity managing executive duties.
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I used the preceding lists and personal experience to create a (partial) list of tasks performed by system administrators. I tried to categorize the tasks and ended up with the following sections: scarce-resource management, human interface, standard administration, disaster prevention, hardware, and software.
enabling the system administrator to store and recall fiber-optic connectivity information; and
Traditionally, backup has been one of the chores relegated to the junior system administrator. Most companies religiously back up to tape or tape libraries--a full backup once a week and incremental backups every day.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-6 October 2003-Virtual System Administrator ships from 9380 Computer Systems(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
All installations of the Versant VDS object database and Versant enJin that are actively managed by a system administrator are prospective customers for VMC.
This is the promise, the Holy Grail, the Nirvana of every System Administrator, Database Administrator and CIO.
In case of a catastrophic failure at the primary site, the system administrator must be able to quickly redirect application servers to access data from replicas located in the backup data center.

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