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n a medicinal preparation in which herbal infusions or decoctions are mixed with glycerin, honey, or sugar.

Patient discussion about syrups

Q. Addiction to a cough syrup?? Is it true you can get addicted to cough syrup? And is so- why is that? Is it dangerous? Should I not take cough syrup?

A. here is a story about an air force pilot who had an addiction to cough suppressant who ended bad and about the phenomenon in general:

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Because if you're limiting maple syrup to the breakfast table, you're missing out on all sorts of excuses to add its gentle, yet distinct flavor to all manner of foods, from roasted vegetables and chicken wings to pasta sauce and ice cream sundaes.
Monin's bakery line is designed to deliver "fresh out of the oven" flavor: the banana nut bread syrup offers a combination of ripe banana flavor with a touch of nut and spice; the cinnamon bun syrup delivers the taste of cinnamon and brown sugar with icing on top; and the cupcake syrup satisfies a craving for an iced vanilla cupcake.
Not all syrups depend upon a living organism for their existence.
Sweet Freedom can be used to replace sugar, artificial sweeteners, honey, HFCS, glucose / gomme syrup, golden syrup, maple syrup, agave syrup and rice syrups in a wide variety of food and drink products.
Spurious cough syrups worth Rs five crore were seized from a house in a dingy Moradabad locality on Friday evening.
Real maple syrup sweetens even the dullest breakfast, and it's no mystery why.
Spoon out about 1/3 of Ouzo-Lemon Syrup over cake and allow it to soak in 5 to 10 minutes.
US trade officials charge that Mexico's tax measures also impose several bookkeeping and reporting requirements on beverages and syrups, and services related to the transfer of such products, that are not similarly imposed on beverages and syrups sweetened only with cane sugar, or on services related to the transfer of beverages and syrups sweetened only with cane sugar.
Her earliest and fondest childhood recollections are of a seasonal ritual in the maple bush, where she would pitch in to help her father produce maple syrup in the family business.
You may be surprised to know that mass-market syrups have a far less percentage of maple syrup content than the "pure.
Avoid the "maple-flavored" syrups, which are largely a blend of corn syrup (i.
The company has since grown to include two additional syrups (Michele's Butter Pecan and Maple Creme Syrups), a $3.