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Relating to a syrinx.
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The multinational team has generated interactive 3D PDF models of the syringeal skeleton, soft tissues, cartilaginous pads, and muscles affecting sound production.
Prum (1990) mapped both the displays and associated plumage traits onto a phylogeny based on a parsimony analysis of syringeal characters.
Extensive infiltration of neoplastic cells was observed in the lung parenchyma, syringeal muscle and submucosa, clavicular air sac interstitium, parenchyma of the kidneys and spleen, and adventitia and lamina propria of the esophagus, proventriculus, isthmus, ventriculus, and duodenum (Fig 4B through D).
1988), newt (Triturus) behavior and isozymes (Arntzen and Sparreboom 1989), and manakin (Pipridae) behavior and syringeal morphology (Prum 1990).