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Given the major differences between USNM 27031 and the remainder of the syntype series, it seems strange that Jordan and Gilbert (1881) would have conflated them.
We wish to thank Dai Herbert (KwaZulu-Natal Museum, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa), and Emilio Rolan (MHNS) for the loan or gift of material; Hiroshi Saito (NSMT) for helpful comments on the species discussed in this paper, and the photos of Craspedochitonproductus; Harry Taylor (NHMUK Photographic Unit) for the photos of syntypes of Chiton canariensis and C.
1 of the ICZN indicates that syntypes may include specimens labeled "cotype" or "type").
Thellung (1925) listed two syntypes in the original description of the species, and the more complete collection is taken as the lectotype.
Some of the 19 specimens listed here could be syntypes.
Type material: AUSTRALIA: New South Wales: syntypes, 1 [female],6 [female], 2 juveniles, Jenolan Caves, 29 August 1901 (AM KS5821), not examined.
To determine if this variability in testicular morphology could be generalized to studies in Nebraska and Idaho by other investigators, specimens from previous studies were re-evaluated, and comparisons to original syntypes and paratypes were made.
1930:104) substantiated Snyder's (1916) assertion that the two (Cope, 1876) syntypes of Minomus jarrovii from Provo, Utah had been lost and judged (contra earlier authors) that M.
Taylor brick-red with brown blotches and orange chin, big lizard syntypes collected by a David Douglas, no relation to namesake working with Bradbury.