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n a system of therapy in which colored lights are directed into the eyes to resolve various physical and emotional health concerns. Also called
optometric phototherapy, photoretinology, or
syntonic optometric phototherapy. See also therapy, light.
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In June 2006, Syntonics delivered its FORAX-SC2 to the Army and Air Force for their UHF tactical satellite communications system.
Syntonics licensed the time and frequency electronics technology from The Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory, through a recently established Technology Transfer department.
In addition, multiple output frequencies are available with Syntonics equipment without compromising performance.
APL will continue to provide oscillator and related technology research and development under contract to Syntonics.
Against this backdrop, Syntonic predicts the following six enterprise mobility trends for 2016:
Although the region has experienced a slower start, Syntonic foresees European workplace mobility picking up.
Looking ahead, Syntonic believes employee class action lawsuits around BYOD will be on the rise as employees increasingly advocate their rights to mobile reimbursement.