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24) Kant, CPR, 132 [A: 153-6; B: 192-5], under: "System of the Principles of the Pure Understanding, Section II, Of The Highest Principle of All Synthetical Judgments.
Winkler enumerates three synthetical tenses: future, present, "preterite I" in -i- (called usually "first past tense"), and five analytical ones: "perfective-preterite II" (R.
First, the deductive mechanism derives the analytical implications of the new assumption and, then works out any synthetical implications, that might be obtained by the combination of the new assumption w ith the existing ones.
In all cases, the operations of our understanding, are rather analytical than synthetical, rather those of resolution, than composition" (1.
But I take the material body, familiarly known by this name, and obtain perceptions by means of it; and these perceptions yield various propositions which are synthetical but empirical.
Finally, there remains the hope that the dialectic process of modernization has the potential to lead to the necessary third synthetical step: After thesis (cross-border economic region) and antithesis (cross-border bioregion) there might be a synthesis (sustainable region).
The construction is a synthetical process that has regard for the evidence and legal rules as well as for prior juror experience.
Yet again: the relationship between the universal and the historical, the universal and the personal, is--dialectical and synthetical.
Her approach is synthetical rather than chronological, and her close comparative analysis between the autobiographical and non-autobiographical writings proves a useful instrument in elucidating the essential ambivalence of Ebner's female protagonists.
The character of Damascene's Christology is essentially synthetical, as can be expected from a theologian whose explicit aim was [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
On a related theme, historians such as Kinley Jack Brauer and William Earl Weeks have over the past decade urged both greater attention to pre-Civil War American foreign policy, and analysis in light of emerging synthetical frameworks such as world systems or corporatism.
In dialectical synthetical response, participatory democracy has thesis and antithesis each, without loss or compromise, affirm the other.