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A synthetic or ‘designer’ drug of abuse first developed as a short acting anesthetic; CW is an opioid 1,000 times more potent than morphine, and an analogue of MPPP, a neurotoxin that destroys dopaminergic neurons, resulting in severe, irreversible, progressive parkinsonism
Desired effects Rapid pain relief, euphoria
Adverse effects Parkinsonism, slowed speech, impaired gait, muscle spasms, respiratory depression; spasms of intercostal muscles may cause death
Withdrawal symptoms Similar to heroin
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Scientists have, for the first time, observed brain damage characteristic of Parkinson's disease in individuals without any symptoms of the disorder, but who have been exposed to a cell-damaging substance--in this case, synthetic heroin.
The synthetic heroin users had no symptoms of Parkinson's disease, but damage to their brain cells fell in between that recorded for seven healthy subjects and six patients with the full-blown disorder, none of whom had been exposed to MPTP.
Over 400 synthetic heroin users exposed to MPTP have been identified in California, where the research subjects were recruited.