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This research might lead to the cost-effective synthesis of calcium aluminate (Ca12Al14O33) in a short synthesis period.
Keywords: Solid-state; Ca12Al14O33; High surface area; Carbon template; Short synthesis period.
It should be mentioned that the total synthesis period in this research is shorter than 13 h, while the reported synthesis periods are all longer than 20 h.
Cell cycle refers to the normal continuous division of cells from the previous mitosis to the next time of the completion of the continuous dynamic process, but also multistage, multifactor participation in the precise and orderly regulation process, which can be divided into 5 periods, that is, G0 period (Gap0, resting period), G1 period (Gap1, prophase of DNA synthesis), S phase (DNA synthesis phase, DNA synthesis period), G2 period (anaphase of DNA synthesis), and M phase (mitosis, mitotic period).