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Synergy between PCI with Taxus and Cardiac Surgery. A trial that compared the outcomes of coronary artery bypass to that of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) plus drug eluting stents
Conclusion At the 1-year mark, CABG is better; 5- and 10-year re-assessments were planned at the study’s conclusion
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To deal with these errors found by practicing, for instance, SQL syntax errors, students became dissatisfied with their existing conceptions.
* Integrity (functionality): Are the pages free of syntax errors and broken links?
This approach makes for easy debugging since syntax errors are flagged right after each line is written, and these errors can be fixed on the spot.
In a single encounter with the on-line system, users are more prone to make syntax errors it offered short-cut flexibility options.
Other notable bug fixes include a general cleanup of syntax errors and warnings in picklist options, reporting of the Patient Distance Traveled measure, and improvements to the “By Label Value” picklist option.
An NC program is ready to be incorporated on the CNC machine, when all logical and syntax errors in the program are corrected and final product also will be corrected in shape.
Commands need not be remembered and syntax errors are few.
The rate import process is user friendly and allows importing rates in both the formats; a number of data consistency checks as well as syntax errors and logical errors checks (such as duplicate records check, incorrect price values check, etc.) provides for error-free and seamless rate import process.
All the problems encountered during this review were code evaluation errors that resulted from the reviewer's own command or syntax errors.
HTML5 is a response to the observation that the HTML and XHTML in common use on the World Wide Web is a mixture of features introduced by various specifications, along with those introduced by software products such as web browsers, those established by common practice, together with many syntax errors in existing web documents.