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The analysis of the collected material allowed to classify idiomatic expressions into 5 distinct subcategories according to their grammatical/ syntactic function in the text:
The analysis presented in the book is not based on any specific syntactic theory and operates with syntactic concepts which will be familiar to every linguist.
The syntactic study of Pashto has fascinated a number of scholars in the past.
There are, moreover, at least two readings--two completely different syntactic maps--that opened as possibilities in the event of the sentence that were subsequently closed off.
It can easily be seen that Chomsky's latest syntactic theory, the MP, has not led to an understanding of grammar that is at all compatible with a realist, processual model, as an example can demonstrate.
The features which play a role in this convention can be assigned to two classes: the syntactic features and diacritic features.
This study investigates the extent to which the syntactic and semantic characteristics of these of-dependents influence and determine the patterns of verbal agreement of twenty-three collective noun-based constructions.
As part of the company's Trelleborg Offshore & Construction business area, Trelleborg's offshore operation specialises in the development and production of polymer and syntactic foam based seismic, marine, buoyancy, cable protection and thermal insulation products, as well as rubber-based passive and active fire protection solutions for the offshore industry.