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1. pertaining to a synovium (synovial membrane).
2. pertaining to or secreting synovia (synovial fluid).
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Independent samples t-test was used to access difference between the groups with bursa and vagina synovialis regarding the LCL measurements.
While in the other 9 sides, a synovial sheath was covering the superficial surface, anterior margin and the deep surface of distal part of LCL like a vagina synovialis (with an average height of 13.79+4.25 mm, ranged between 10.55-23.80 mm) (Fig.
The lower part width of LCL was found narrower in the cases with a vagina synovialis than those with a bursa by independent samples t-test (p=0.006).
Regarding the presence and form of bursa, the cases were evaluated in four types as absent, sac form lying superficial to LCL, vagina synovialis form and bursa lying deep to LCL.
We found that width of the lower part of LCL was narrower in the case with vagina synovialis than the case with bursa.
Togetherness of the narrower inferior part of LCL with the presence of vagina synovialis formation and the more intensely fusion of the ligament with the intermediate part of biceps tendon are proposed as remarkable findings for both surgical and biomechanical viewpoints.