synovial villi

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 [vil´us] (L.)
a small vascular process or protrusion, as from the free surface of a membrane.
arachnoid villi microscopic projections of the arachnoid into some of the venous sinuses.
chorionic villi see chorionic villi.
intestinal villi multitudinous threadlike projections covering the surface of the mucous membrane lining the small intestine, serving as the sites of absorption of fluids and nutrients.
synovial villi slender projections from the surface of the synovial membrane into the cavity of a joint; called also haversian glands.

syn·o·vi·al vil·li

small vascular processes given off from a synovial membrane.

synovial villi

Slender avascular processes on the free surface of a synovial membrane projecting into the joint cavity.