synovial tendon sheath

syn·o·vi·al ten·don sheath

a sheath of synovial membrane enveloping certain of the tendons; it contains a small amount of synovial fluid.

synovial tendon sheath

A double-walled tubelike bursa that encloses a tendon. It consists of an inner visceral layer lying on and adhering to a tendon and an outer parietal layer; the two layers are separated by a space filled with synovial fluid. This sheath is found esp. in the hands and feet where tendons are confined to osteofibrous canals or pass over bony surfaces.
Synonym: synovial sheath

Synovial tendon sheath

Where the tendons cross joints, they are sheathed in thin membranes known as synovium, which provide lubrication to decrease friction.
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