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1. pertaining to a synovium (synovial membrane).
2. pertaining to or secreting synovia (synovial fluid).
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1. Relating to, containing, or consisting of synovia.
2. Relating to the membrana synovialis.
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Radjective referring to the synovium.

Medspeak-UK: pronounced, SIGH no vee ull
Medspeak-US: pronounced, SIN oh vee ull
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1. Relating to, containing, or consisting of synovia.
2. Relating to the synovial membrane.
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Immunohistochemical demonstration of nerve fibers in the synovial fold of the human cervical facel joint.
Each observer described the following normal structures for each specimen examined: in transverse scans, the proximal pouch of the DFTS synovial cavity, palmar aspect of the DFTS synovial cavity, synovial collateral recess, distal synovial fold, dorsal distal recess of the DFTS, superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT), MF, DDFT, mesotendon, intersesamoidean ligament, straight sesamoidean ligament, and mesotendons; in MPR and 3D reformatted images, the dorsal proximal recess, palmar proximal recess, collateral recess, palmar distal recess, and dorsal distal recess.
At the end of the fourth embryologic month, the walls of these compartments melt away so one compartment for the knee remains, but remnants of these walls remain as synovial folds or plicas.