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To roughly simulate the presence of a synovial fold and capsule, an elastic ring was attached to the polyurethane metacarpal head with an adhesive, exposing the central surface of the metacarpal head.
These plicas are believed to be synovial fold remnants from the incomplete resorption of the synovial septa during the embryological development of the knee [43].
First, the synovial fold was identified (Figure 2(a)) and removed using a motorized shaver from the posteromedial portal while viewing from the posterolateral portal via the transseptal portal.
(a) The synovial fold (SF) was identified using a probe introduced from the posteromedial portal.
Each observer described the following normal structures for each specimen examined: in transverse scans, the proximal pouch of the DFTS synovial cavity, palmar aspect of the DFTS synovial cavity, synovial collateral recess, distal synovial fold, dorsal distal recess of the DFTS, superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT), MF, DDFT, mesotendon, intersesamoidean ligament, straight sesamoidean ligament, and mesotendons; in MPR and 3D reformatted images, the dorsal proximal recess, palmar proximal recess, collateral recess, palmar distal recess, and dorsal distal recess.
Transverse scans performed at the proximal sesamoid bones level showed a low volume of CM in the synovial cavity, whereas, in the pastern region, the distal DFTS pouch and synovial folds were clearly identified, because there was adequate distension by CM.
Immunohistochemical demonstration of nerve fibers in the synovial fold of the human cervical facel joint.
[sup][3] Second, this inflammatory synovial rigid bands may originate from Weibrecht ligament which is also known as retinaculum of Weibrecht or synovial folds. The Weibrecht ligament is commonly seen at the anterior, medial, or lateral side of the femoral neck.
At the end of the fourth embryologic month, the walls of these compartments melt away so one compartment for the knee remains, but remnants of these walls remain as synovial folds or plicas.