synovial cells

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syn·o·vi·al cells

fibroblastlike cells that form 1-6 epithelioid layers in the synovial membrane of joints; believed to contribute proteoglycans and hyaluronate to the synovial fluid.
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Microscopic examination revealed a villous architecture with a synovial cell lining (Figure 2 C and D).
These findings taken together suggest that OA synovial cells can play a role in the pathological calcification process associated with OA and may have a higher calcifying potential than RA synovial cells.
The pathogenesis of RA is associated with abnormal apoptotic process, including synovial cells, fibroblasts, lymphocytes, and cartilage cells.
We have shown that thapsigargin may effectively affect cell proliferations in MH7A human rheumatoid arthritis synovial cells. The question is that what is the fate of these nonreplicated cells.
(1,2) It consists of three types of synovial cells: A cells (synovial macrophage), B cells (synovial fibroblast), and D cells (dendritic cells), with each cell type having a different morphology and expressing different surface antigens.
In addition, HA molecules can stimulate the synovial cells that line the joint capsule and trigger those cells to manufacture more hyaluronic acid.
In addition, interaction of the chondrocytes with synovial cells will enhance the negative effects on joint (Arthritis Rheum.
Normal cells in synovial fluid include lymphocytes, macrophages, and synovial cells. Neutrophils are often seen since inflammation or infection is a common cause of the effusion.
Not all cancers readily reveal their cells of origin, however, and previous studies hadn't established that the cells of this cancer begin as synovial cells.
Degradation of type IX collagen by matrix metalloproteinase 3 (stromelysin) from human rheumatoid synovial cells. FEBS Lett.
YKL-40 is produced not only by chondrocytes and synovial cells but also by macrophages, neutrophils, cancer cells, endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells in blood vessels, and by cells (probably hepatic stellate cells) in the fibrotic liver (8-13).