A modified form of Wheatstone stereoscope used in orthoptic training.
[syn- + G. ōps, eye, + phoros, bearing]
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(sin-op'to-for) [? + ops, sight, + phoros, bearing]
An apparatus for diagnosis and treatment of strabismus. Synonym: synoptoscope
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An instrument used in ORTHOPTICS to present to the subject images at different angles of convergence or divergence so that the fusional ability can be tested.
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A type of major amblyoscope (Fig. S16). See Worth amblyoscope.
Fig. S16 Synoptophoreenlarge picture
Fig. S16 Synoptophore
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Range of fusion and power of ductions were tested on the synoptophore in each patient.
Hirschberg corneal reflex test was performed before CT scanning by the same ophthalmologist; additionally, the objective strabismus angles were measured by synoptophore and recorded.
The synoptophore test was performed in 37 cases to record the objective deviation angles: the horizontal deviation degrees ranged from -10 to 40[degrees] (10.1[degrees] [+ or -] 13.2[degrees]), with a positive value representing esotropia and a negative value representing exotropia; the vertical deviation ranged from 0 to 35[degrees] (9.2[degrees] [+ or -] 10.2[degrees]), with a positive value representing hypertropia and a negative value representing hypotropia.
The vertical deviation of EC was also in accordance with the synoptophore results.