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1. Pertaining to synergism.
2. Denoting a synergist.
Synonym(s): synergetic, synergic


/syn·er·gis·tic/ (sin″er-jis´tik)
1. acting together.
2. enhancing the effect of another force or agent.


1. Of or relating to synergy: a synergistic effect.
2. Producing or capable of producing synergy: synergistic drugs.

syn′er·gis′ti·cal·ly adv.


Etymology: Gk, syn, together, ergein, to work
pertaining to the acting or working together of a number of components, as when groups of muscles function in a coordinated manner. Also synergic [sinūr'jik] .


The combined action of two or more processes is greater than the sum of each acting separately.
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synergistic (si·ner·jisˑ·tik),

adj having the properties of the interaction between two or more elements that increases the effectiveness of the elements alone. Not additive only.
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Founded in 1983, Synergistic is among a select group of Master Developers for Sage Software, Inc.
This is a truly synergistic combination because it is rarely possible to hit targets with only one or even two dyes.
Interestingly, the medical group started out with a synergistic design, but it did not evolve and struggle through the associated stages of development.
Also, as the Agency Of Record for all online advertising for David Allen Synergistic Nutrition, the company will call on an array of its digital marketing and advertising tools to enhance and expand David Allen's marketing and client engagement.
The demonstrated increase in therapeutic selectivity by synergistic combinations has important implications for drug discovery", said Alexis Borisy, founder and scientific advisor to CombinatoRx.
In the second set of experiments amount of TEBA was reduced to compare its scorch safety properties with other combinations of synergistic accelerators.
Willow Ridge's additives are effective alone or in synergistic blends of additives that exploit different degradation mechanisms.
The synergistic coatings applied by Magnaplate are not coatings in the general sense of the word because they are actually impregnated into the metal substrate.
In Preclinical Studies, Novel HDAC Inhibitor Romidepsin Demonstrated Synergistic Activity When Combined with VELCADE([R] )(Bortezomib) in Multiple Myeloma Cells
The combination of liquid EPDM, conventional EPDM and an antioxidant (2,2,4-trimethy1-1,2-dihydroquinoline) blended with natural rubber resulted in a synergistic effect on static ozone resistance.
Synergistic activity resulting in a curative therapeutic effect was seen in the treatment of lung cancer following the combination of the two agents.