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1. Pertaining to synergism.
2. Denoting a synergist.
Synonym(s): synergetic, synergic
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1. Of or relating to synergy: a synergistic effect.
2. Producing or capable of producing synergy: synergistic drugs.

syn′er·gis′ti·cal·ly adv.
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The combined action of two or more processes is greater than the sum of each acting separately.
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Inhibitory concentration (results) at which antibiotics exhibits synergistic effect was recorded.
Aamir et al (12) reported that methanol extract of date seed exhibited synergistic antimicrobial activity with methanol extract of seed of medicinal plant Annona Squamosa against different Gram positive and Gram negative bacterial species.
"In 2016, we will continue to expand by leveraging the assets of Village Tea Company as a sales and distribution aggregator with the intention of growing the overall sales footprint of our existing portfolio while continuing to seek synergistic acquisition opportunities in our ongoing effort to create additional value for our shareholders."
lonqum Irritable bowel Align B, infantis 35624 syndrome--adults VSL #3 Eight synergistic strains Irritable bowe Culturellel LGG syndrome--children Lactose intolerance Digestive Advantage Bacillus coagulans Lactose Defense GBI-30,6086 Radiation-caused enteritis VSL #3 Eight synergistic (intestinal inflammation) strains Teeth and gum health Probio Max DDS Streptococcus salivarius DSM 14685 Traveler's diarrhea Florastor Saccharomyces boulardii lyo Ulcerative colitis VSL #3 Eight synergistic strains Vaginal/urinary tract Fem-dophilus L.
The patented synergistic formula can be applied to a variety of dietary supplements including those targeting weight management, cardiovascular health, blood sugar health, brain and cognition, anti-aging and bone and joint health.
However, most herbal extracts contain many chemical constituents, resulting in the synergistic action of the mixture remaining to be addressed.
"Synergistic" is a word that is overused in the business world, but, for us it means having a true partnership, in which we work together as colleagues, rather than as parts of a formal client-vendor relationship.
Many mechanisms are involved in pain and it is has been suggested that using a combination of antinociceptive drugs that have different mechanisms of actions may be beneficial in treatment, by working in a synergistic manner and potentially requiring lower doses of the therapeutic agents, thus minimising potential for unwanted side effects.
This understanding of manufacturing and access to feedback direct from the manufacturing floor makes for a great synergy, sharing of resources, and understanding between AAI and Synergistic.”
In this study, the antimicrobial activities of cryptotanshinone (CT) against methicillin and vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolated in a clinic were assessed using brothmicrodilution method and the checkerboard and timekill methods for synergistic effect of the combination with antibiotics.
The intrathymic environment is characterized by a complex network of paracrine, autocrine, and endocrine signals involving both interleukins and thymic peptides, which can be envisioned to operate in a synergistic network to carry the evolving T cell through its stepwise development to a mature T cell.