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1. Pertaining to synergism.
2. Denoting a synergist.
Synonym(s): synergetic, synergic
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(sĭn′ər-jĕt′ĭk) also


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(sin?er-jet'ik) [Gr. syn, together, + ergon, work]
Exhibiting cooperative action, said of certain muscles; working together. Synonym: synergic
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The Ground for Transfer of the Synergetic Models: Metaphor, Analogy or Isomorphy?
They learned that such stimuli are generated by synergetic interactions.
Synergetic Investment Group (SIG) acts as operators, asset managers and equity syndicators for market rate multifamily and student housing properties throughout the US.
China Mobile, Wuxi Branch and Huawei entered into a collaboration earlier to realise cross-domain synergetic planning of optical networks, transport networks, access networks, RAN networks, and IP networks.
This paper presents a design for the synergetic controllers for an internal current control loop of a three-phase grid-connected PV system.
Generals cannot win wars on their own, any more than chief executives can build an efficient corporation, without the synergetic co-operation of many dedicated employees.
by Mark Nelson Synergetic Press, pb, 21 [pounds sterling]
"What Dubai and Abu Dhabi bring to the table are very synergetic resources and skills so I absolutely hope so and I think it would be good for the UAE if we see more and more mergers and tie-ups," he said.
Synergetic theory [6] is the science proposed by Haken to describe high dimension and nonlinear problem as a set of low-dimension nonlinear equations.
A complex-valued synergetic neural network is trained using a quantum particle swarm optimization to perform a classification test.
The study also earmarks the key drivers of industry that its stakeholders need to put in place to engage the youth in a more synergetic way, achieving a seamless integration of skill and employability that is the bedrock of development.