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(sin-sish'(e-)um) (sin-sish'(e-)a) plural.syncytia [ syn- + cyto- + -ium (2)]
1. A multinucleated mass of protoplasm such as a striated muscle fiber.
2. A group of cells in which the protoplasm of one cell is continuous with that of adjoining cells such as the mesenchyme cells of the embryo. See: coenocyte
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The syncytia of the small oocytes also contained the beclin-1 protein (figure 5).
Establishment of Syncytia by Cyst Nematodes in Plant Roots
Some commonly found cytopathic effects include rounding, vacuolation, clustering, formation of cytoplasmic bridges, syncytia formation, inclusion body formation and cell death.
Typical MV-induced CPE was seen as cell fusion yielding syncytia (Fig.
RBAC also inhibited syncytia formation, and the inhibition was maximized (75%) at a concentration of 100 [mu]/g/ml.
(b) 50% Effective concentration or compound concentration required to inhibit HIV-induced syncytia formation in CEM cell cultures by 50%.
the syncytia and lysis were estimated by visual analysis in contrast microscopy; n/s--nuclei per syncytium.
The respiratory syncytial virus is named after the giant syncytia produced in tissue cultures with this virus (8).
In this perspective we would see living systems as invading and taking over the abiotic dissipative structures initially nourishing them energetically, gradually converting them to biofilms, syncytia, colonies, organisms and populations.
The membranes of the infected cells fuse with adjacent cells to form a large, multinucleated cell creating large masses of cells or "syncytia" (McIntosh, 2000; Wong et al., 2003).