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In addition, you also receive with your purchase of this Broadcast/Pro Video Time Base Correctors / Frame Synchronizers Report, a copy of the Broadcast / Pro Video Executive Summary Macro Overview -- over 100 pages of analysis and information on the state-of-the-industry compiled from secondary online research sources including industry news sites, manufacturers sites, as well as weekly online News Briefs and Insider Reports.
The IDT 82P33724 and 82P33741 port synchronizers provide independent timing channels for IEEE 1588 and SyncE; a third independent timing channel is provided for general purpose rate conversion.
Kinniment then provides the theory and mathematical models, which can be used to estimate mean time between failures (MTBF), and for the measurement of metastability and synchronizer reliability.
He worked for Quad Eight Electronics where he designed automated mix-down equipment and SMPTE time-code synchronizers.
Indigo recognizes double register, memory and custom synchronization schemes and highlights data that re-converges from independent synchronizers.
Since synchronizers are required on signals crossing clock domains, PeriScope automatically detects and reports missing or incorrect synchronizers.
Unlike other solutions that require elaborate account synchronization and proprietary protocols, VAS Active Directory provides a single, standardized identity for user names and passwords for Windows, UNIX and Linux logins without having to maintain password synchronizers or perform user-administration tasks on multiple systems.
These products include PCM decommutators, bit synchronizers, PCM simulators, demodulators, L&S band receivers, single board computers, DataXpress Telemetry System Software, as well as other hardware and software necessary for demanding telemetry solutions.
Verix detects many types of design errors such as absence of several types of synchronizers, glitch potentials, flop resets from asynchronous domains and many other design bugs that violate safe domain crossing principles.
the leading provider of high quality video signal processing technology for the emerging digital television and video production industries, today announced that it exceeded 2002 sales goals for its Integrity(TM) line of broadcast A/D converters and synchronizers.
A supplier to American Airlines for more than 15 years, Woodward provides various products and services including repair and overhaul of fuel flow governors, main engine controls, fuel injectors, and engine synchronizers required to power American Airlines' growing fleet of commercial aircraft.