synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation

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syn·chro·nized in·ter·mit·tent man·da·to·ry ven·ti·la·tion (SIMV),

intermittent mandatory ventilation spontaneously initiated by the patient to increase tidal volume to a preset volume, and subsequently synchronized with the patient's respiratory cycle; if the patient makes no respiratory effort, the machine automatically delivers a preset number of breaths by itself.

synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV)

periodic assisted mechanical ventilation synchronized with the patient's breathing. Spontaneous breathing by the patient occurs between the assisted mechanical breaths, which occur at preset intervals. The ventilator will provide a mechanical breath if the patient fails to do so within the set interval.

syn·chro·nized in·ter·mit·tent man·da·to·ry ven·ti·la·tion

(SIMV) (sing'krŏ-nīzd in'tĕr-mit'ĕnt mand'ă-tōr-ē ven'ti-lā'shŭn)
Intermittent mandatory ventilation in which mandatory breaths can be triggered by the patient's inspiratory effort.
See also: intermittent mandatory ventilation

synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation

Abbreviation: SIMV
Periodic assisted ventilation with positive pressure initiated by the patient and coordinated with spontaneous patient breaths.
See: intermittent mandatory ventilation
See also: ventilation
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