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(sing′krŏ-nīz″) [Gr. synchronizein, to be contemporary with],


To coordinate the timing of two or more events or processes. In electrical cardioversion, for example, a shock to the heart is delivered when an R wave is detected on a cardiac monitor. Synchronized shocks are used to treat rhythms such as atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation, or supraventricular tachycardia, in which QRS complexes are recognizable. In these arrhythmias, unsynchronized shocks might induce ventricular fibrillation.
synchronization (-nĭ-zā′shŏn)
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* Integrated Distribution -- integrates and synchronizes distribution processes and segments of the global supply chain.
For instance, subsystems made by different suppliers often lack the common interfaces needed to synchronize their clocks with host clocks made by the original equipment manufacturers.
The Vizional Adaptive Planning and Execution suite, built upon the Vizional Adaptive Collaboration Platform, consists of four distinct standalone applications that enable companies to dynamically synchronize demand with supply through intelligent inventory, demand, capacity and RFID management.
Leveraging its advanced technology, Starfish offers a comprehensive, integrated and open architecture platform that enables users to enter information once, synchronize it everywhere, and access it anytime from anywhere.
To synchronize files, just slip the REX into your computer's PC-card slot.
"Through products like PowerBuilder, Pocket PowerBuilder and SQL Anywhere Studio, we are enabling our government and enterprise clients to 'unwire' their infrastructures and synchronize their data, allowing mobile workers access to mission-critical information when and where they need it."
If the recipient does have DTG, then a properly formatted copy of the document will end up on their desktop the next time they synchronize. The program's Attachments to Go add-on automatically converts email attachments so that you can read them after local or remote synchronization.
* Suppliers and their customers that need to keep in close touch can access each other's delivery, sales and inventory data as a way to synchronize records and the transfer of goods.
ITA's Mobile/DB product compliments and extends XcelleNet's solutions by allowing customers to efficiently synchronize relational databases, move information bi-directionally among disparate computer systems and reduce their total cost of ownership by better managing their remote computing and data movement infrastructures.
Now that many companies are moving beyond the first phase of their projects, they are discovering the need to synchronize the demand chain with back office and supply chain systems such as I2, Commerce One, SAP and Peoplesoft.
If you work on more than one computer (the office and home desktops and a laptop), you know how confusing it often is to synchronize the files kept in an three computers.
Chapura, a developer of software primarily for handheld computers, announced technology to synchronize a Palm handheld computer with a Microsoft Exchange server.

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