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(sing′krŏ-nīz″) [Gr. synchronizein, to be contemporary with],


To coordinate the timing of two or more events or processes. In electrical cardioversion, for example, a shock to the heart is delivered when an R wave is detected on a cardiac monitor. Synchronized shocks are used to treat rhythms such as atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation, or supraventricular tachycardia, in which QRS complexes are recognizable. In these arrhythmias, unsynchronized shocks might induce ventricular fibrillation.
synchronization (-nĭ-zā′shŏn)
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* Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) Market Volume & Growth Rate by Each Region Specified, Application & Type (Historical & Forecast)
A hybrid synchronization scheme is proposed to improved phase offset errors in smart grid applications.
In view of Definition 4, when H = I and H = -I, FMIS is reduced to the known notions: finite-time outer synchronization and finite-time outer antisynchronization, respectively.
The strong-strong synchronization requirement indicates that subsystem 1 and subsystem 2 are strongly synchronous; that is, the b_on event must occur after the r_on event of subsystem 1; otherwise subsystem 1 will wait forever.
Phase Synchronization. The mean phase coherence was calculated to measure the phase synchronization between each pair of ECoG signals.
The Q-S synchronization error defined in (5) can be written in the following form:
A high incidence of heat (96%) as well as synchrony of heat observed after synchronization treatment shows that CIDR was efficient in manipulating hypothalamo-ovarian activity during low breeding season in buffalo irrespective of biostimulation or GnRH.
References [24-28] discussed the finite-time synchronization of neural networks, which only considered integer-order systems.
Besides several kinds of synchronization mentioned in the Introduction, CMFPLS considered in this study also consists of some other special cases such as complex function projective lag synchronization (CFPLS), complex modified projective lag synchronization (CMPLS), complex projective lag synchronization (CPLS), complex complete lag synchronization (CCoLS), complex lag antisynchronization (CLAS), complex antisynchronization (CAS), function projective lag synchronization (FPLS), function projective synchronization (PLS), projective lag synchronization (PLS), and lag antisynchronization (LAS) summarized in Table 1.
It should be noted that for OSCR, mesochronous synchronization is also considered to be perfectly synchronized, since the phase difference between signals is constant without skews and can be corrected in post processing.
The networks (7) and networks (8) can realize hybrid generalized function projective delay synchronization by the following control law: