symptom severity

symptom severity

a nursing outcome from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) defined as the severity of perceived adverse changes in physical, emotional, and social functioning. See also Nursing Outcomes Classification.

Patient discussion about symptom severity

Q. What is the definition of Autism? what are the common symptoms ? is there a level of severity to Autism?

A. Autism is a brain development disorder that is characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior, starting before a child is three years old.

Autism is part of a spectrum of disorders called “Pervasive developmental disorders” that include common features of communication and social skill problems as well as varying degrees of mental retardation.

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The study included 128 people aged up to 80, whose symptom severity was measured using a standard scale.
The progressive spread of abnormal tau in the brain closely correlates with progressive neurodegeneration and symptom severity.
The study included 103 former smokers with chronic sinusitis and 103 nonsmoker sinusitis patients who completed questionnaires about their symptom severity, use of sinusitis medications, and quality of life.
Thus, direct links between LC hyperactivity and PTSD symptom severity still need to be demonstrated.
This study explored the relationships between multidimensional perfectionism (adaptive and maladaptive), shame (characterological, behavioral, and bodily), and trichotillomania (TTM) symptom severity in a nonclinical sample of 284 college students and a clinical sample of 125 individuals with TTM.
Not all HF is preventable, but symptom severity can be minimized with healthy choices.
Introduction: This study assessed the validity and reliability of the Turkish version of the DSM-5 Posttraumatic Stress Symptom Severity Scale-Child Form for use among the Turkish population.
Several researchers have generated support for a relationship between ER and PTSD wherein poor ER is related to higher PTSD symptom severity (Diamond & Aspinwall, 2003; Ehring & Quack, 2010; Lilly & Valdez, 2012).
The new system uses symptom severity and exacerbation risk to classify COPD.
Patients completed questionnaires on symptom severity and disability, as well as psychological measures assessing anxiety, depression, pain beliefs, and coping.
Ln-1 indicates a lower level of OAB symptom severity, Ln+1 a higher level of severity, and Ln the same level of severity.
88 x 109 were detected in field infected tomato plants showing symptom severity according to AVRDC scale '3' (i.