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symphyses, symphysic

See symphysis.


(sim'fi-sis) plural.symphyses [Gr., growing together]
1. A line of fusion between two bones that are separate in early development, as symphysis of the mandible.
2. A joint in which two bones are connected only by a fibrocartilaginous pad, as the pubic symphysis and the intervertebral disks. See: cartilaginous joint

symphysis cartilaginosa


symphysis of the jaw

An anterior, median, vertical ridge on the outer surface of the lower jaw representing a line of union of its halves. Synonym: mandibular symphysis.

symphysis ligamentosa


mandibular symphysis

Symphysis of the jaw.

symphysis menti

The symphysis of the chin or the ridge marking the line of union of the two halves of the mandible.

symphysis pubis

The junction of the pubic bones on the midline in front; the bony eminence under the pubic hair.
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The four surgically treated patients had undergone unilateral total extraperitoneal hernia repair (1 with bilateral bulging, 1 with incipient hernia, 2 with bilateral symphysic edema on MRI).