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1. An eye affected with sympathetic ophthalmia.
2. One who exhibits sympathy.
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Three other reporters were listed as communist supporters and sympathizers. They were Cong Corrales and Joey Nacalaban, editor and photo contributor, respectively, of Mindanao Gold Star Daily; and Jigger J.
The group, apart from other terms of reference, is supposed to take action against sympathizers amongst government employees including teachers etc.
It was the act of accusing citizens of being communist sympathizers and charging them for treason without any substantial evidence against them.
The jihadist rebels also launched a big security operation in Hama and Aleppo provinces that are focused on identifying these government sympathizers.
3/4 of GERB's sympathizers believe that Bulgaria is prepared for the event, the opposite opinion dominates among the supporters of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, shows a poll of 24chasa.
The Defense secretary said that the public should reject the attempt by terrorists and their sympathizers to sway people to their cause, adding that accounts being run by the militants should be immediately reported to authorities.
The Israeli Cabinet approved administrative detentions for Islamic State group sympathizers Sunday in the way of a deadly truck attack that left four Israeli soldiers, three women and one man, dead and 17 others injured.
Nationalist sympathizers call the conflict the National Revolution, and Communist sympathizers call it the First Democratic Revolutionary War.
Nusrat said that the rumors about the health of Mr Hussain were being deliberately spread in order to create confusion and despondency among sympathizers and workers of MQM.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an has been targeting sympathizers of the GE-len movement, a grassroots initiative inspired by the teachings of Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah GE-len, since a corruption investigation was made public on Dec.
The plan is to "put a firewall" between ISIS holds in Libya and sympathizers throughout northern and sub-Sharan Africa.
Sirajuddin had formed closed groups of IS sympathizers, including boys and girls from Maharashtra, on Facebook and WhatsApp.