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1. An eye affected with sympathetic ophthalmia.
2. One who exhibits sympathy.
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If at all, according to the military, the bandits are sympathizers of the IS, also known as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
While a large group of PKK sympathizers headed back to YE-ksekova after the burial ceremony, an armed clash broke out once again between some of the sympathizers and the police; one of the protesters was severely wounded.
The (mailer) is race-baiting and if that's the game we're going to play that's not right - we all belong to the same human race,'' said Wysbeek, who emigrated from Holland and whose father, a Jewish sympathizer, spent most of World War II in a concentration camp.
Like Nelson, Nashville's original noncomformist, Bill Frisell knows you can't always judge a country sympathizer by his cowboy boots.
When the war ended, and many another Nazi sympathizer downplayed his beliefs, Hamsun stubbornly refused to run for cover, insisting upon owning up to what he said, forcing the government into imposing a penalty upon a self-disgraced old man it wished would just go away.
PKK sympathizer came to nearby the Cemevi in Istanbul's Kucukcekmece district and started to hurl stones and chanted slogans.
I was a sympathizer,'' Clark told an undercover FBI agent in April, according to the affidavit.
After the warnings, Turkish security forces tried to disperse the PKK sympathizer by pressurized water with water canons.
According the information given by the local authorities wearing masks hundreds of PKK sympathizer gathered on the Eminaga Street in Adana's district of Seyhan.
he is a sympathizer of ISIS [Daesh]," Patton added.
An alleged ISIS sympathizer drove a flat-bed truck into a (http://www.
In writing "The Sympathizer," it was Nguyen's ambition to write a novel that could be both entertaining and provocative, he said.