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1. blocking transmission of impulses from the adrenergic (sympathetic) postganglionic fibers to effector organs or tissues, inhibiting such sympathetic functions as smooth muscle contraction and glandular secretion.
2. an agent that produces such an effect; called also antiadrenergic.


Denoting antagonism to or inhibition of adrenergic nerve activity.
See also: adrenergic blocking agent, antiadrenergic
Synonym(s): sympathicolytic.
[sympatho- + G. lysis, a loosening]


, sympathicolytic (sim?pa-tho-lit'ik) (sim-path?i-ko-lit'ik) [ sympath(etic) + lytic]
Interfering with, opposing, inhibiting, or destroying impulses from the sympathetic nervous system. Synonym: adrenolytic
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