sympathetic response

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sym·pa·thet·ic re·sponse

(sim'pă-thet'ik rĕ-spons')
The action in glandular, smooth muscle, and cardiac tissue during perceived threat or stress.
Compare: parasympathetic response
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This shows that yoga training optimises the sympathetic response to stressful stimuli like isometric handgrip test and restores the autonomic regulatory reflex mechanisms in hypertensive patients.
I met President Schulz this morning and then met the leaders of several of the groups in the European Parliament, before meeting with President Juncker, where I received a very sympathetic response.
OUR story about seriously ill grandfather Gordon Ross, 66, who went to Scotland's highest court yesterday to demand the right to die, provoked a largely sympathetic response from our online readers.
But the projects formal aspect finds a sympathetic response in Olivier Schrauwen's own schematic repetition and recombination of forms.
On the other hand Pakistan has protested several times that there were safe havens on the other side too but unfortunately this seldom and hardly aroused a sympathetic response from the American side.
PPP Chairman also referred to sense of insecurity registered among small provinces of the country and said these needed to be extended sympathetic response from the federation.
Influenced by Nigel Leask's notion of "costume poetry," Rudd demonstrates how Jones, adapting "Eastern" poems to European sensibilities through classical allusion, tries to elicit the reader's sympathetic response toward a universal spiritual desire.
As the hearse bearing his body drove away, a crowd of around 200 people broke into spontaneous, sympathetic response.
New Delhi, Sept 1, ANI (National): The Sikh community in America has expressed thanks to the people and the government of United States for the instantaneous sympathetic response after Wade Michael Page, killed six innocent worshipers at the Wisconsin Sikh Temple.
A fairly standard question on Morrell in Sons and Lovers, for example, can elicit a feminist outburst or a much more measured and sympathetic response, depending upon the teacher through whom the text has been filtered.
Breathing bad air is harmful, mainly because people breathe in fine particulates that cause inflammation, cause endothelial dysfunction and may cause increase in sympathetic response," Dr.
Intrigued enough to approach Andrews about his interest in turning her book into an opera, Burge had received a sympathetic response.