sympathetic response

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sym·pa·thet·ic re·sponse

(sim'pă-thet'ik rĕ-spons')
The action in glandular, smooth muscle, and cardiac tissue during perceived threat or stress.
Compare: parasympathetic response
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Lomasky, then, describes why the extinction of the sympathetic response seems to be unfortunate.
And the calls for special pay rates by union leaders for nurses and other health workers have met with a sympathetic response from NHS managers who admit the high cost of living in Cardiff is hindering their recruitment drive.
Although there is no attempt to dig deeply into any musical work, he is well able to draw a sympathetic response from the reader who knows the music and can use the inner ear to substantiate a comment made.
The current slowdown is no exception: Witness the pressure brought to bear on the Bush administration to protect the steel industry, and the administration's surprising and, in my view, regrettably sympathetic response.
When he approached the tobacco companies, McCue said, "there was a sympathetic response, a recognition that it is a serious issue in First Nations communities, and a recognition that the money that is available through Health Canada in First Nations communities to address this problem is inadequate.
While the polite, generally good-humored brothers inevitably evoke a sympathetic response and bring out her protective instincts, Penny mostly is inspired by their concern for one another, the way they communicate in whispered semaphores, even how they can play the guitar as one entity.
Morocco's decision to privatise large state enterprises and strengthen the role of the private sector found a sympathetic response in Thatcher's Britain, undergoing a similar process of privatisation.
Recent German cinema is a much more fertile ground from which to develop an explanation for Beuys' obsession with the pagan origins of German culture, giving as it does a more accurate account of the experience of the postwar occupation and the far from sympathetic response of the ordinary German to the ubiquitous presence of multiracial U.
MULTAN -- Bishop of Multan Dr Andrew Francis appreciated sympathetic response of the whole nation to the Christian community after the Peshawar tragedy.
Our story about Fifer Douglas Hall's home being destroyed by thunderstorms brought a sympathetic response from many readers.
He has a false foot, the result of a roadside explosion while on duty in Afghanistan, which grave misfortune is no doubt intended to elicit a sympathetic response from readers.
The Road Haulage Association is both bitterly disappointed and angry that despite putting forward a strong case for UK hauliers that seemingly received a sympathetic response from Government, Chancellor of the Exchequer Alastair Darling has today announced an increase in fuel duty to compensate for the VAT reduction by 2.