sympathetic response

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sym·pa·thet·ic re·sponse

(sim'pă-thet'ik rĕ-spons')
The action in glandular, smooth muscle, and cardiac tissue during perceived threat or stress.
Compare: parasympathetic response
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If etomidate is used in such patients, it also does not blunt laryngoscopic sympathetic response.
This examination was not used in our patient as the by-products of sympathetic response were negative (11).
2) access to skills 3) maintaining and developing legislation compatible with the EU and 4) support for innovation and overseas business development might well receive a very sympathetic response from our European industry partners as they also consider what they may have to gain or lose through the departure of the UK from the EU.
SCOTTISH First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she is leaving Brussels "in good heart and optimistic" after receiving a "sympathetic response" from EU leaders when discussing the implications of Brexit on the country.
We had a sympathetic response from the general public and particularly from many of the claimants themselves."
Anita choked back tears as the man recited the story and received a huge, sympathetic response on social media.
"Were a South African company and a European company to compete, the South African company can, in my opinion, expect to get at least a more sympathetic response from the Iranian authorities, contingent on the company's capacity."
But the projects formal aspect finds a sympathetic response in Olivier Schrauwen's own schematic repetition and recombination of forms.
On the other hand Pakistan has protested several times that there were safe havens on the other side too but unfortunately this seldom and hardly aroused a sympathetic response from the American side.
Of note, the sympathetic response elicited by insulin in humans is far more heterogeneous than in animals.
PPP Chairman also referred to sense of insecurity registered among small provinces of the country and said these needed to be extended sympathetic response from the federation.